Widowhood is not a SCAM

It is real, when life cuts short a love story, we can collectively retell that story with our support and contributions.

KEF in partnership with you celebrates the International Widows day 2022.


International Widow’s Day 2022

Expected Beneficiaries

400 Widows

Target Amount


Amount Raised


Target Location

Widows in Ogun and Lagos State

KEF Visit to widows in different communities

Karis and Eleos hand of hope foundation was registered in 2018 and we have empowered over 12 000 women and trained them with business and life skills. We are a non-profit organization with the focus on empowering the rural women and girls in communities with minimal or no access to opportunities.

The Journey so far


Women trained


Dependencies reached out to


Dependencies reached out to

Join us as we support these widows

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Meet a Few

Mrs. Abass left had to move into her father’s uncompleted building with her 5 boys after the demise of her husband. They currently sleep on a mat from hand to mouth.

Mrs Bola

Looking at the plight of Mrs. Bola, a disabled widow living in Oworoshoki area of Lagos state, who against all odds discomfort herself to make ends meet for she and her children.

Mrs Yetunde

Mrs. Yetunde needs a better apartment.

She sleeps in a bus parked on her street when it rains, because her house is flooded. Her children dropped out of a public Scholl because she cannot afford their text books

Karis and Eleos hand of hope foundation



We have been impacting the lives of women and the girl chrld since 2018



Over 12,000 women have been impacted with relevant business and knowledge to strive



As we Impact our women, we directly impact our communities. Over 93,000 Indirect Beneficiaries have been supported by us



We advocate skillful Education among children and Youths, Hence we introduce Rycycling for Our children

Join us on this life transformational shift for a widow in dire need.

KARIS and Eleos Hand of Hope Foundation

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Sterling Banking

IBAN – 0085278951 (Dollar Account

Through you, a widow can be supported, advocated for and stood by in an unfavorable environment and harsh living condition.