[trx_title type=”2″ style=”divider”]Sangotego[/trx_title]

At Sangotedo, the beneficiaries were divided into 5 groups, each group learning different skills. To see some of their beautiful works click here.

Below are the amazing skills and their Candidates.

[trx_title type=”4″ style=”underline”]Ankara Bag & Shoe[/trx_title]
[trx_title type=”4″ style=”underline”]Baking[/trx_title]
[trx_title type=”4″ style=”underline”]Hair Making & Make-up[/trx_title]
[trx_title type=”4″ style=”underline”]Household Cleaning Items[/trx_title]
[trx_title type=”4″ style=”underline”]Textile Designs[/trx_title]